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Well-educated and experienced staff of our companywill provide an on-site field service of equipment based on Excimer, Dye, Nd:YAG, Ar&Kr Ion and CO2 lasers.

General Service of Excimer Lasers

The service procedure includes for example:
  • Disassembly of the laser chamber
  • Cleaning of all components of the discharge chamber
  • Repolishing of the electrodes
  • Installation of new Ni-plated pre-ionisation pins
  • Overhaul of the tangential fan, the magnetic valves and vacuum valve
  • Replacement of new seals
  • Helium-leakage test and vacuum test
  • New passivation of the laser

Price: estimated limits 3.000 - 5.000 EUR (depends on condition of the laser).
On request we offer a transportation service of your laser.

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