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     Company Information
ESTLA Ltd. established in 1988 on private capital by a group of scientists at the Institute of Physics of the Estonian Academy of Sciences has become one of the leading companies in the Baltic region in the field of laser technology. The company develops and produces accessories for lasers, lasers of different types and laser based instruments for science, medical applications, entertainment and industry.

    Main activities of the company are:

  • Compact excimer lasers up to 300 pps rep. rate and 20 W average power
  • Pulsed dye lasers for science, medicine and environmental monitoring
  • Equipment for laser beam control: collimators, beam expanders, light intensity attenuators, scanners, frequency doublers etc.
  • Standard and custom high performance optical components of glass, quartz and crystals
  • Laser-based detection systems for genetics, environmental monitoring and material quality diagnostics
  • Systems for laser performances (beam shows) and RGB laser projecting systems for dynamic pixel images of more than 100 m2 screens
  • Fine mechanics; design and manufacturing
  • Compact copper vapour lasers for medical applications
  • Service and upgrading of laser systems
Main market of ESTLA products since 1991 has been Western Europe (Germany, France, Scandinavia etc.).

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